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I couldn't believe it ... I really couldn't ... but there it was, in my 5-year-old's Disney Adventures magazine ... DEVO 2.0!

Now, I was a huge fan of DEVO from the Are We Not Men? album (1978) ... hell, I even have the yellow radiation suit to prove it. And, as my drug-fogged recall has it, DEVO was about rebellion through absurdity, sort of like the Church of the SubGenius with synths. To see DEVO "reimagined" as a Disney "Kidz Bop" CD with a Monkees-like aggregate of bouncy 12-year-olds for the videos/marketing, is PAINFUL.

What's ultimately worse is that all five original members of DEVO got together to re-record their songs for these kids to prentend to play, and the "lead singer" Nicole to sing (or lip-synch, I'm not so sure that voice is coming out of that kid). Even the lyrics have been "sanitized" ... like in "Freedom of Choice", the chorus no longer goes: "Freedom of choice / Is what you got / Freedom from choice / Is what you want" ... with the implied slam on consumer culture ... no, it's now all "of" ... and I wouldn't be very surprised to find similar edits elsewhere (oh, the new "Whip It" video is all about hand mixers, wire whisks, and whipped cream). And who do we have to blame for the videos (which are both on the site linked above and on a DVD disc with the CD)? Disney? Well, yes ... but it was Gerry Casale who directed them.

I mean, on a vague intellectual level, I've known the the world was going to Hell in a handbasket ... with what passes for American Culture getting inbred into a personality-less blur of franchised identity, but THIS ... THIS is really bumming me out. It's hideous ... like a nightmare that turns out to be real ... I am not a happy camper here!

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