BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Hobbit Name?

OK ... so, I guess I am a sucker for these things ... this being about the fifth one I've passed along to my (admittedly, limited) universe of L.J. readers ...

But I went to find out what my Hobbit Name is supposed to be (how come the cynic in me thinks this site is run by the publicity department of the studio that's doing Lord of the Rings?) and it came up with the following ...
Todo Bulge of Great Smials
Which is a really ugly name until I looked at it as being "Mr. Bulging To-Do List" which was sort of creepily accurate!

Spent all day yesterday with Pagan Expo 2001 ... it was sort of a bust for me financially (sold 5 books in 7 hours), but there was much constructive conversation, including some things that might be impacting on the Eschaton site in the not-too-distant future. The Expo itself seemed to go swimmingly ... all the vendor space was sold out, there was a good crowd (although they weren't buying books!) and they actually had noshes available this year. By the time I got home (having been pulling 2-3 hour sleeps the past several nights), I was zombie-tired and just crashed ... which, of course, means that I'm spending all day today getting caught up.

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