BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

How odd ...

I suppose that it's a good thing, but somehow it strikes me as odd that puts up "Amber Alerts" in their "Desktop Weather" module in the same way they alert for storms. Odder still (which is the case this morning) they have it "thundering" and the icon red (indicating that there's a severe weather alert) for the information that the State Police have cancelled an Amber Alert for some kid that had been missing downstate.

I mean, I'm sure it could be helpful to spread the initial Amber Alert to everybody using Desktop Weather in the state involved, but why take over the system just to let folks know it's cancelled? The kid went missing from Granite City, which is across the river from St. Louis ... making Chicago a fairly distant place to be looking for some random missing kid (for example Nashville and Memphis TN are closer, and Tulsa OK is about the same distance) ... I wonder if they were doing this in all those states (10 states in a radius from St. Louis to Chicago), or if we're just getting it here because Granite City is in Illinois.

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