BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Ch-ch-ch-changes ...

Went downtown to talk to a school about new training.

Too bad I spent a year of my life (and $15,000) on the programming thing (knocking down a 4.0 in a course which 96% of folks didn't even finish) only to not even be able to get a fucking interview for a job.

No ... we're rolling back our expectations in order to have me producing some income. It looks like I'm going to Bartending School to learn how to sling booze for a living. Hasta la vista "Right Livelihood"!

The current "concept" (courtesy The Wife who has never seen me take a drink, let alone toss back a litre of gin a day) is that if I get trained in a bartending job, I could have some time flexibility, working (for example) at one of big convention hotels on lunch and late evening functions, and still being available to drag The Girls around in the morning and afternoon. The good news is that a hotel bartender in Chicago can make $60k pretty easily. The bad news is ... well you can figure out what the bad news is.

Something tells me that it's a rare day that hotel ends up hiring a CMP for a "manual labor" job. I hope having the resume that I have will not prevent me from being hired! On the other hand, if I do get a hotel gig, once "on staff" I hope that folks internally might recognize that they have somebody pouring drinks who is qualified to be Food & Beverage Director!

Man, this job market sucks.

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