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We went out tonight to sort of celebrate Chinese New Years ... we'd initially planned to do Chinatown, but The Wife's schedule changed (she was going to be down that way on an appointment, and I was going to get The Girls and hop on the El to meet her there). The Girls, however, still wanted to go out ... so we popped over to Big Bowl. They keep changing that place ... we used to eat there fairly frequently when my Mom was alive, but it seems that every time we've been back since there have been significant changes to the menu. Not bad, mind you, but it's sort of hard to keep a "favorite" there.

We got Daughter #2's b-day cake ordered today ... her birthday's not until next weekend, but since she was wanting a very partiuclar "theme" (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), I figured it would behoove us to get the order in early, just in case they didn't have the characters/decor on hand. We're having her party up at Dojo next weekend ... they do a super job, and it's a great opportunity to have some of her little friends (they're "graduating" out of Kindergarten and mostly all going their separate ways) join up at Dojo ... they move up into the regular kids program at 6, so they'd all be starting at the same belt level, even though #2 has been there for almost 2 years.

Have been having all sorts of turmoil around here. The Wife, when stressed, goes into fits of a) throwing things out, b) going into unadvisable furniture projects (throwing out perfectly fine stuff in order to buy stuff we can't afford!), and even c) hallucinating that moving somewhere else would suddenly solve all our problems (tonight at dinner she was going on about moving someplace where all these really cool people lived and there weren't any problems ... like that place exists!). I think that a lot of this was triggered by the Accountant coming through with stuff about our college funds for The Girls ... we are lucky that there IS some money to do a college fund (largely coming out of my Mom's estate), but these sorts of things put her into this lunatic space, and the best I can do is to keep my head down, try to prevent anything that I really care about getting thrown out (the last time I missed, and she threw out my old 386 laptop ... never minding that I had irreplacable files on its HD!), and hope it blows over soon.

It looks like I'm going to go ahead with Bartending School ... but not starting until the 14th. I have several major projects that I'm wanting to get knocked down for the Tutoring biz first (and damn 1-800 Postcards still hasn't gotten my 5,000 friggin' postcards here ... on an order that was in their system on January 20th ... tell me about your 3-day turn-around again!). The thing The Wife never deals with is "what would we do" were we to move ... it's not like moving from Chicago to Outer Butt-Fuck is going to improve the job market ... and something tells me that the Convention/Publishing/PR/Tutoring opportunities are better here. Oh, that's right, we'd move to some magic place where everybody is there to ... oh, fuck, it's her damn delusion, I can't even generate plausible details!

I'm trying to get everything pulled together for a "showcase" thing this Saturday for Summer Programs. Club Z! has a brand-new Study Skills thing (which is our big pitch for the summer), but the best I could get out of them was a one-page no-details flyer. This took 2 weeks to get into my hands? I had been hoping that we'd have a informative 3-fold to hand out, instead, I'm going to be doing a lot of "tap dancing". I hope I'm not making a mistake planning on not renting a car for that ... the place is like 6 blocks from an El stop, and I'm having to schlepp a lot of stuff, but renting a car on the weekends really sucks (both from parking and from not having a return option past noon on Saturday). I mean, it's no farther than walking home from the Chicago/State el stop, and lord knows I've dragged a ton of shit home from there.

OK, now I'm officially blithering ...

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