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Busy day ...

Got up early after being up late ... always fun! I was up late getting the last few things ready (a poster, some hand-outs) for a "Summer Activity Fair" we were exhibiting at this morning. This is now 2-for-2 of these Northside Parents Network events that I've done where 90% of the folks there were pre-K parents ... not exactly our primary market. I had a big bowl of candy (assorted Hershey miniatures, little Tootsie Rolls, and caramels), a jar brimming with our propoganda pens, two display units of our info cards, and two display units with out Study Skills course flyers, the poster about doing the Study Skills as a summer thing, and sign about who we are. Amazingly, more info cards were taken than candy or pens ... which is good, I guess. This crowd's only minimal into the candy ... if this were a "convention" I would have had to have re-filled that bowl twice ... this group didn't even make a dent. I'm amazed, also, at the hesitancy to walk with the pens ... from my experiences with conventions (both in the PR biz and when I exhibited Eschaton at the Book Expos), any of that crap flies off your table ... not sure why these folks aren't into the having-for-having's sake thing!

I had initially planned on taking the El up there (the location was only six blocks from the Francisco station on the Brown Line), but The Wife ended up getting a car so she could take The Girls shopping, and so they dropped me off at 10am and picked me up at 1pm. I'd also been hoping to have a cup of coffee with an old friend who lives like four blocks from where I was, but she was tied up.

The most exciting thing today was Lunch. I just love buffets, and have only recently convinced The Wife that these are plausible places to eat (we ended up at a Chinese buffet place down in Kissimmee last month and it was very good). Well, today we were heading west on Belmont, looking for some place to eat, and were at a light near the "Buffet Castle" restaurant just west of 90/94 on Belmont ... I pointed it out as a possibility, and The Girls thought it sounded good, so The Wife pulled around the block and we ended up there. I didn't know that restaurants like this existed outside of places like Kissimmee ... but WOW! First of all, you pay on the way in, $5.95 (for Lunch) for the adults, and less for the kids (#1, at 10, was like $4.50, and #2, at 5, was only $2.00!) and then it's whatever you want. They had peel-and-eat shrimp, steamed mussles, crayfish, salad, maki, fruits, a dozen or so Chinese entrees, various "Italian" things (pizza, a couple of pastas), some "Mexican" things (tacos, fried plantains), soups, desserts (including great soft-serve ice cream), and everything was very good! I, frankly, haven't felt inclined towards having any dinner, still being full from lunch. Not bad feeding all four of us to busting for $20! I can't wait to have an opportunity to go back there again ... it's not exactly convenient to us down here, but it's right across the street from the Belmont stop on the Blue Line, so if I get a sufficient hankering, I can be there in about a half an hour. Food ... yum!

After lunch we continued on west to find this furniture store that The Wife had identified (see previous post) for Making Changes in our living room. We were buying one recliner, but I was not happy with anything about the process (well, except that I know that I'll like having the recliner around), or about her plans for the living room ... but you gotta to learn to pick your fights, and going to the mat over this one didn't look promising. The new chair comes in on Thursday, and they are supposed to take out our old Very Comfy Big Leather Chair and one of the four sectional sofa pieces from my Mom's place (both of which are worse for wear from having been introduced to The Cat).

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