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If ANYBODY out there wants to send along some "good energy" please do so now. I am sending out a shit load of resumes. I rather desperately need a paycheck.

We finally, after "running on fumes" for ages, hit the wall this month. I have just scraped the last little drips of lucre out of all the savings, checking, etc., accounts to pay the May bills. There is NOTHING left. Neither The Wife nor I have an income and I can't get a fucking REJECTION LETTER from any of my resumes. If something doesn't break in the next few weeks, we are looking at financial disaster.

Too bad that Eschaton is stll so fucked. I can't put any more money in. It may have to close.

Too bad that Telepathic Media is so fucked ... it was exactly the sort of gig the career counsellor said I should be getting into. Who would have thought we couldn't "sell sex". I mean, I know that I can't sell water to a man crawling out of the desert, but have virtually NOBODY want to attend the Sacred Sexuality Conference? Is "my curse" so bad that it taints EVERYTHING that I touch?

{By the way, if you had ANY interest in attending the Sacred Sexuality Conference ... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ... call or e-mail your reservations in TODAY!!!]

I just wish that the Unicity Network was moving fast enough for me ... but those $20 - $100 checks just aren't enough. Again ... "my curse" ... NOBODY has ever wanted to buy anything from me, nobody has ever "wanted to do business" with me, as in the above illustration ... the guy crawling out of the desert would bypass my water stand to see if he could get a better deal over the next sand dune.

What the hell does it TAKE? I have been busting my ass, working 14 hours a day, seven days a week, pretty damn near non-stop since 1994. For what? For fucking NOTHING ... unless you count the grey hair a bonus. I have driven myself past the point of exhaustion on any of a half-dozen major entrepreneurial projects ... and have just central nervous system damage to show for it. WHAT THE HELL DOES IT TAKE????

I am fucked. I don't even know how long I can keep having a dial-up. I don't know how long we can keep the apartment. I can't sell anything ... I can't build a business ... and I can't get a fucking job.

Send the white light now. Send the lotto win vibes now. Tomorrow may be too fucking late.

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