BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

5,000 post cards out the door ...

Whew ... that was a grind ... the thought of putting on a second stamp (since the Post Office doesn't have the new 24¢ rate stamps yet, so I had to use an old 23¢ stamp plus a 1¢ stamp) doesn't seem such a hassle until you figure out that it take somewhere around 4 seconds to peel the stamp off the sheet/roll, stick the stamp where it needs to be on the card, and then flip the card off the stack ... which means, at optimal speed you get 15 cards done a minute, 900 an hour, and 5,000 done in what is pretty realistically at least six hours ... with taking time to stack things up every 100 cards, splitting the rolls into strips of 30-30-30-10 (the cards, after getting mailing labels stuck on them, were in groups of 30, from having 30 labels on a sheet), organizing stacks into shopping bags, taking potty, food, beverage, and brain/back breaks, each added element is probably taking 8-10 hours to get done (so with 3 elements, 1 label and 2 stamps, the whole project probably took up 30 hours of my week). So, having to add the extra stamp added on a good solid extra day of grunt work to the project. At least it's over with and they're on their way.

As I've noted, the marketing challenge we have is that we have a very small "footprint" in a very large media market ... so anything "general" we do is wasting 90% from the get-go ... we're hoping that the direct mail option will work better for us. The list we bought is for households with childred 6-17 years old, which is our prime tutoring market, with income levels to make it plausible that they could afford tutoring, and in our key zip codes. We only need to get a ¼ of 1% (0.0024) response rate to "break even" on this, so we'll see.

That's the frustrating part of this particular model ... we don't need HUGE numbers of clients, only about 50-100 on-going, but the business primarily feeds on word-of-mouth, so we can spend a LOT of money on advertising which really doesn't do much. Heck, last month we got a new client with an 11¢ imprinted pen (that I'd left a bunch of at the post office) when a $500 ad didn't draw squat! While we do get good word-of-mouth, that takes so long to build, and it's largely out of our control. At least with the direct mail we're putting the info exactly the right hands ... and using a post card means that they'll at least see it (if only in passing on its way to the wastebasket).

At least that's over for now. Tomorrow is Daugther #2's 6th birthday, and I need to shift gears to deal with that!

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