BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

A lot of books at once?

Well, yes ... it would, to the untrained eye, appear that I am blazing through my unread books shelves, but the fact is a bit more mundane. First of all, I typically keep 2-4 books "in rotation", some taking more time than others, and from time-to-time these end up finishing pretty close to the same point. Also, every now and again I hit a very quick read, like the ICR Monograph (at a whopping 32 pages) reviewed in my previous post. Then, there are "situations" where a book that I'd have guessed would have taken me a week gets read in a day or so due to my having found myself having to hang out to wait for The Girls, and managed to think to bring a book with before heading out ... the next post is about one of these.

I will also, on occasion, change the order I read things so that there won't be any huge (cover bending) size jumps on the shelf on which the books will eventually be filed ... the book that is likely to show up in here tomorrow is a funky little 6x6" format thing that would be difficult to put in next to the 8x11" museum book that I was thinking of hitting next. As I'm also currently in a book that is likely to take me at week or two to plow through, and I'm looking for stuff to "tread water" with before getting into some of those larger-format books ... so as much as I like to "read a theme", often my choice for "next book" is based on how short/long it is and how its format relates to the books around it! Am I just being OCD again here?

Yeah, I'm sure you're thrilled to get all this "library minutia", but, frankly, I didn't want to start off my next "review" with all this navel-gazing!

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