BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Just in case anybody was wondering ...

Well, Bartending School is kicking my ass.

I've spent most of the past dozen years sitting on my butt in front of my computer for 14 or more hours a day.

I have been on my feet for the better part of five hours straight every morning this week.

While every successive day has been a bit easier, I've been wiped out! I mean, it's not like I'm unloading trucks or something, but we're focusing on speed/accuracy drills requiring constant motion, grab this from the rack, that from the up back bar, something else from the down back bar ... all of these using muscle combinations that I'm not used to. Ouch. I've come home each day and collapsed into nap mode!

I'm still struggling with some of the pours. We're being trained on "timed" pours, so aren't using a jigger, which would make stuff like the ounce-and-a-half cognac pour a no-brainer ... at it is, this is my nemesis as I'm always just over and ounce (mad customer) or just under two ounces (mad manager), no matter WHAT sort of timing phrase I run in my head!

I did put together a snazzy MSWord template for flash cards, though, and everybody is impressed with those. I'm already up to nearly 100 drinks I need to remember (these are the hardest, though ... the Tropicals and "fancy shots"), and they all have silly little anagrams to help you recall the recipe (like for The Dead Nazi ... the anagram is "Radical Jerk" to help you remember it's Rumplemintz and Jagermeister!). Since the school just works with colored water, I haven't had to "deal with" actual booze situations ... the jury is still out on how my brain stem will handle the scents of "old friends".

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