BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I'm SUCH a good student ...

I even got half the day off!

We had our first "test" today ... we had to whip up five cocktails in a couple of minutes, with accuracy, etc. scored. I needed to put up a Watermelon shot, a B&B snifter, a Mai Tai, a Surfer-On-Acid shot, and a Quaalude shot in the time alotted. I ended up pressed for time (as I was not finding the bottle of B&B and had to check in 3 back bars), but got them all done fine. I scored 99/100, with my only point knocked off for a slight over-pour on the B&B (by about ¼ ounce on a 1.5oz pour) ... if I peeked at the scoresheet right, I got the highest score in our group!

As much as I've been working on practicing my pours, I'm still regularly way off on those longer ones ... frankly, being only ¼ ounce over is about as close to a 1.5oz free-pour as I get ... something tells me that the measuring jigger is going to be my friend when I start doing this for real! I've gotten pretty good at being able to time the shorter pours (like for making a shot), but the longer it goes, the more likely it is that I'm going to be off.

Frankly, looking over the text book, I think I lucked out on the timing ... our group started at the back of the book with the Tropicals and the Shots/Shooters, which have much more complicated recipes than most "standard" bar drinks, giving me more time to get these memorized!

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