BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh, yeah ...

For those of you keeping score (yeah, right) ... we had another written test today ... following up on two days of "Alcohol Awareness Training" ... I don't know if this is our "official" test for the certification (I guess we get three different certs out of this, one Federal, one for Illinois, and one for da grate city ov Chicaga), but I managed to answer 100% of the questions correctly, which (if I'm not mistaken in "reading the crowd") did not appear to be the majority result.

I suspect that much of the problem that the other folks were having was due to a lot of the questions being posed in somewhat convoluted phrasing, creating counter-intuitive true/false reads, etc. I'm sure that this was especially problematic given that, out of the dozen folks currently in the morning session, "American English" is not the first choice of communication modes for most (which appear to range from Albanian to Ebonics).

I was thinking on my way home, though, of how strange it is that I do so well at task/test/project sorts of things and yet fail so abysmally in wider contexts. I have been worrying that, once again, I will be unable to get a job following this. My experience (going back 35 years now) is that if I don't have a personal "inside" connection to a job that I won't even get a serious interview ... hell, that I won't even get a call back on a resume. No matter how brilliant I've been in a school/training context, it has never translated to some random person responsible for hiring picking up the phone. The only "jobs" I've had have been family contacts, be it working with the management company that maintained our building (back in highschool), to working for my Mom, to my own publishing company, to working for The Wife. All other efforts (and we're talking years worth) went totally bust ... 0-for-thousands ... and this has me worrying that even with "severely lowering my expectations", I'm going to be unable to find anybody willing to give me a job. Bah. Isn't this a fun subject to be top-of-mind at 5:30am?

Too bad they don't hand out pay checks based on test srores.

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