BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Piss me off ...

As some may have noticed, I've not ventured onto eBay for quite a while ... however, I had a bid in on some items that duckydoo had up and was cruising along, with the high bid by at least 50% over the one other bidder, and last checked about 15 minutes out. I went off to do some other stuff, and came back, figuring I'd just shoot off that PayPal payment, la di dah...

But, nooooooooooooooooooooooooo ...

The auction closed at 3:45:41 ... and, as I said, I was good-to-go with about 15 minutes remaining, however, one bidder came in at 3:45:00 ... topping me by about a buck ... followed by another bidder at 3:45:30 ... followed by the first bidder at 3:45:41 ... the VERY SECOND the auction closed. Can we say "bid bots"? I think so! Come on ... how can a REAL PERSON "do eBay" if assholes have their computers set to swing in with bids so close to the close? All the "action" on this happened in the LAST 41 seconds ... and at :00 and :30 ... which I assume were "set times". Damn.

I really, really, hate the god-damn bots ... it makes eBay a ZERO FUN place ... I am finding myself wishing very bad things on the asshole bod bidders ... I was excited to get those tools for Daugther #1, who is very clever at crafting little critters out of clay, and would have really liked them!

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