BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Well ... I passed ...

I'm now a "Certified Mixologist" or something like that.

In fact, I got 100% on the written exam ... so I guess seriously busting my butt on the studying all weekend worked out! I got 96/100 on the "speed trial" (where we had to make 15 cocktails, 5 from each week's worth of classes, in a brief period of time ... it felt like 10 minutes, but might have been 15). Once again, I over-poured into a snifter ... badly ... what was supposed to be a 6-count pour ended up looking more like a 10-count pour ... and then I screwed up at least one garnish. I did, however, get all 15 drinks on the bar, which was better than the others. All my written and drink tests totalled up gave me a 98/100 for the course, which beat the next highest score by 15!

Now, starting tomorrow, (which is when I have my appointment with Placement), we'll see if being my usual "whiz kid" self in the training environment will translate to being able to get a job. Obviously, going out looking for work as a bartender is a whole different game than looking for a V.P. job at a P.R. agency, or a programming gig at a bank, or an editing position at a publication (or any of those other dozens of things that I'm qualified to do that I can't get a fucking call back on a resume for) ... so I'm expecting to at least get a few interviews soon.

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