BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Excavations ...

I was feeling neurotic today (this whole job search / career change has me twitching) and was looking for something physical to do to sort of shut off the brain for a bit (yeah, it's times like this when sobriety is a real drag!), so I launched into that "dig out the book shelf" project for BookCase #8 (which was the last major hiding place of books that I hadn't yet logged in to my LibraryThing catalog).

It took me nearly two hours to get to the point where I could access shelves #3 and #4 on that (and, of course, most of the stuff I was going through was depressing, reflecting, as it did, three failed businesses). I then took the next several hours between logging things in and scanning their covers ... I'm done with the first part of that, but still need to do some scanning. I guess there are worse ways of killing a Sunday.

My LibraryThing catalog is now up to 1,583 books, which could be a bit higher, but I just let the 3-volume set of Blavatsky's The Secret Doctrine go as one entry, and the 2-volume set of Isis Unveiled likewise go as one "book". I keep hoping that Library Thing will expand their "ranking" lists, as I'm only 324 books away from being in the top 100 libraries (and I'm about the #94 reviewer at this point), and it would be cool to know where I actually fall on that list. A lot of folks on L.T. "pad" their lists with books they used to own but don't anymore, books that they would "like to read", and books that they have but haven't gotten around to yet. I'd be pretty close to catching up those 300 books if I were to log in my "to-be-read" shelves!

At this point you can surf through my LibraryThing catalog with all the right covers back about 150 books ... when I get the stuff I scanned tonight edited and uploaded that will be pushing 250, and it's sort of cool to see them all like that!

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