BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Bleh ...

One of those days ... maybe more than most, since it's cold and rainy and behaving a whole lot more like November outside than June!

This is a VERY COOL THING recommended to me by crepuscular ... it's called "Dizzy City" and offers 360' views of various streetcorners in New York and Chicago and more places coming soon ... ... try it, it's addictive!

Other stuff is happening that is making my head spin (and not in a good way) ... I'll probably write about it eventually, but I need to let some of it get sorted out first. Crap that I thought I was "done with" showing up again and casting all sorts of doubt ... I just hate that.

Anyway ... another poem ... was feeling bad about not writing so now I'm nagging myself to pay more attention to it. Hopefully I'll get 10-15 done a month this year. Just what I need ... more nagging.

                    SHAKEN AT THE CORE OF STORMS

                    amazing conflicts
                    incalculable doubt
                    these systems betray us
                    spin out of control
                    disparate forces
                    form dire shearing tides
                    tearing the center
                    decaying the whole

                    what expectations
                    unfold within this?
                    what unscheduled plan
                    comes now into play
                    directing the hours
                    into strange arrays
                    and promising chaos
                    to established form

                    wild battles rage
                    beneath this haze
                    storms the surface
                    never shows
                    uncharted currents
                    scramble the course
                    realigned stars
                    make reckoning null

                    and from the darkness
                    from dim echoed pasts
                    new structures arise
                    which go against all
                    we can not process
                    can not determine
                    how these futures lie
                    on any one path

                    muddled by turmoil
                    stunned by confusion
                    we grasp at things
                    which seem most real
                    and try to read signs
                    both within and without
                    that might offer guidance
                    and ways to stay sane

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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