BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Such a deal ... and good service too!

As some of you who have been paying attention might recall, I had the idea of possibly keeping up a "bartending journal", perhaps with the end of eventually producing some entertaining (book-worthy) prose. One of the elements of the "plan" was to get a little voice recorder.

Now, I'd not actually priced these before this, and had a delusion that they'd be under twenty bucks or so. Nuh-uh. Most of the ones I was finding were in the $50-$60 range (or well above), which depressed me. However, digging deeper into the Web (with the aide of Froogle) I stumbled across a unit which was on close-out, originally $49.99, now just $9.99 (through a bicycle shop called!). It had $5.99 shipping, but that was via FedEx, so the total came out to $15.98 ... a bit below what I had been ignorantly conceptualizing. I placed the order on-line on Thursday night, and the package arrived yesterday (Monday), with point-by-point tracking available all weekend.

How cool is that? I only wish I had any use for other bike supplies, because I was very pleased with the whole experience with ... I may have to see what other sorts of stuff they sell!

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