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Here all this time, I thought that when I sent people off to my LibraryThing catalog that they would end up seeing it the way that I see it ... unfortunately, I just discovered that my viewing preferences are only good for ME (when logged in), and don't extend to anybody wandering in via What a bummer.

No wonder folks pretty much ignore these posts! LibraryThing looks pretty damn boring if all you're seeing is the same alphabetical-by-title view ... and who cares about a book I read some 35 years ago ("100 Hours to Suez", topping the alphabetical list)?

I only discovered this when I was trying to do a link to a search results page ... something else which seems to not be currently possible. While I've posted these deficiencies on the L.T. Group page, and maybe they will be dealt with eventually, it really bums me out to think that anybody who ever followed one of my links over to my LibraryThing catalog ended up not seeing things the way I intended.

So, PLEASE ... to see my LibraryThing catalog the way I've meant it to be seen ... click here, then click twice on the blue column heading "Tags" (once to select it as the sort criteria and once to reverse the sort order). If this has worked, you should be looking at a chronological listing of the various books I've finished in the past month or so!

I am so pissed off about this ... why in the world would it NOT work where a user's preferential view of their data was not the default view for their library???

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