BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Well, now if somebody would just HIRE me ...

I was very pleased to find that the name bartender had been abandoned and purged and was sitting there just waiting for somebody to come along with a $15 L.J. re-name token ... so, now I have yet another L.J. identity to keep track of (oh, come on, you know some of them ... like btripp_books)!

As I noted, I thought I'd try keeping a "bar journal" that I could spin out stories in, which might at some point provide the material for me to write something that some folks might find interesting enough to buy in book form. I figure that $16.00 for the voice recorder I got last week plus the $15.00 for the re-name isn't going to break me. Now, of course, I just need to find somebody to frigging hire me!

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