BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Well ...

I'm going off to apply for a bartending gig at one of those "Gaucho" places (if I get hired there, I'm gong to have to learn to pronounce Churrascaria).

I ate at this one last fall (when my Brother came out to take a truck load of my Mom's stuff back east) and it's huge with a "hip bar" upstairs. These places are expensive, so I'd think the tip flow at the bar would be pretty decent ... plus it's only about 8 blocks from home. I still think I'd rather do the Hotel gig thing, but I'm not hearing the phone ring so far. I've got a handful of places to hit in person this week, plus a few that want faxes (meaning I need to come up with some tap-dancing for a cover letter).

If I get hired at this place I hope the bartenders don't have to wear the goofy gaucho costume!

{edit - 3:30pm}
(sigh) ... the info said "apply in person between X and Y hours" ... I wait until they are "officially" between Lunch and Dinner ... I show up, and there's no manager available. One of the Gauchos offers to take my resume (which is, of course, just peachy for some corporate job, doesn't say much about bartending except that I got the certificate) but can't provide me with an application. I figure it's another place I'll never hear from. I know it's just paranoia, but this sure FEELS like every other job search I've ever attempted ... fire out the resumes, and die of old age before anybody calls.

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