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just a poem ...

Bleh. Too much stuff to do ... to friggin' little time. Dang. Had my scehdule today put through the blender too ... was supposed to have had one of the Eschaton authors drop by this morning to pick up a case of his books ... but he didn't show ... finally got a hold of him about 1pm and found that the traffic was so bad coming in to Chicago (it's Blues Fest weekend PLUS a 3-day Cubs/Sox series) that he gave up. Then I find that the Board meeting of the Libertarian Party of Chicago got called off for tonight, necessitating my having to do a HUGE e-mail to everybody so that they can sign off on the fund-raiser before the next regular meeting on Tuesday. So, I need to go get books from storage this afternoon and the get Daughter #1 to go to her Dojo class. I have 2 hours. BLEH!

                    LOST WITHOUT A PLACE

                    in-between days
                    where nothing synchs
                    nothing meshes
                    we float without friction
                    no point of contact
                    to drive to motion
                    these intents
                    these phantom plans

                    dread and hope
                    fear and dreams
                    we can not structure
                    the way this flows
                    we can not steer
                    the course between
                    the storms which toss us
                    and the stars that lead

                    we stand at edges
                    where the world goes dim
                    where hazes hover
                    and indistinction swallows
                    all that venture in
                    we chart no vector
                    we frame no scheme
                    save for survival

                    and, how to be?
                    how to continue
                    when days grow dire
                    and nights are fevered fits?
                    we lose all hope
                    in real-world good
                    for all is failure
                    within its realm

                    deep the sense
                    that all is lost
                    that we are strapped
                    onto a ride
                    which tortures and then kills
                    and that we are only here
                    to bear the brunt
                    of these abuses

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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