BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Today's attempt ...

I'm wondering if I should move this stuff over to bartender (now that I have that up, titled, and festooned with a groovy userpic) or if I should keep these job-search posts here until somebody actually hires me.

Oh, well ... today I'm off to put in an application at a "chain" Italian place that's not near home, but is an easy shot on the bus and not bad from the El. This is a place we've eaten at a number of times ... the bar area is small, so I'd probably be mainly filling orders for the wait staff, which might not be a bad way to build my confidence/competence behind the bar. I hope it doesn't turn out like yesterday, but given that they only list two one-hour slots for applying during the week, I'm guessing that there might be somebody there!

Will update later ...
What a goddamn mongolian clusterfuck this is turning out to be! Shit. I get all my stuff together, get presentable, head up north, get there in the middle of the hour the placement office indicated that they were taking applications ... and they're not. They haven't been. They suggest maybe their downtown location is looking for Bartenders, but they're not. This, of course, not only wastes my afternoon, but makes me look like an IDIOT. And, since the hours specified (Monday and Tuesday, 4-5pm) are now shot, I'm no doubt shit out of luck. Damn it. This is looking awfully familiar, and that awful old feeling of being "doomed" is creeping back in, making me feel like I'm never ever going to be able to find work.

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