BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Another day ... another 3 application forms ...

Got up early, went across the street to the Sutton Place Hotel ... I'd faxed in a resume before, but they had application time on Wednesday morning, so I was over there filling out the paperwork. Every one of the places has different application forms ... they're all over the board. This one wanted you to sign off on them doing a credit report on you ... that was new. Also odd was the sign-in sheet at H.R. you put the date, your name, then checked a box for your race, and the position you were applying for. WTF? Interestingly, I was the ONLY white person to have applied there this month. They're hiring for an on-call part-time banquet bartender, and I'm hoping that since I'm like 50 yards away they might tap me for that ... ideally, I'd like to get a regular banquet bartender gig at one of the big hotels, so this would be a good step in that direction.

This afternoon I went to two restaurants, one at Navy Pier and the other the downtown location of the Italian place I'd gone to yesterday. In both cases I got a "preliminary interview" with a manager, which I wasn't 100% ready for. That first one was pretty tense, with a lot of "what would you do ...?" questions and terms like "check building" that I'm not particularly familiar with. The second place wasn't "officially" doing applications, but I wasn't alone in being there for that. I think this interview went well, but I really don't know. The guy is (I think) looking for a regular day bartender, which wouldn't be the best thing money-wise, but could be good for getting my skills up. In both cases, the "regular manager" wasn't there, so the folks who interviewed me will have to be passing the info along, and then if they like me they'll call me in for a "real" interview (with, no doubt, some drink quizzes).

Oh, well. I was trying to connect with the Placement Office today (becuase I've not run out of "official" leads), but they never got back to me, so I may be taking all day tomorrow to tidy up stuff here (and get these damn business cards finished up). I'm having "issues" with my printers, so everything I'm doing graphic-wise I'm having to take back to The Wife's computer to print, which is a monolithic pain in the ass!

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