BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Memetime ...

I snagged this one from itzwicks' journal ... I initially plugged in my info figuring that "poor pitiful me" was going to "not be popular" (just like in highschool, right?). I was very surprised when the following came up:

btripp's LiveJournal popularity rating is 4.56/10.
btripp is more popular than 99.38% of all LiveJournal users.
btripp is more popular than 69.9% of their mutual friends.

How popular are you?
LJ Popularity created by thehumangame.

The explanatory text says: "your 'popularity rating' is the probability of a user clicking on random Friends links to be at your profile page at any point in time. That's the essence of the PageRank algorithm—it's a traffic estimate based on the Web's link structure. It's presented on a logarithmic scale to make it easier to understand." ... which probably goes a long way towards explaining if I'm not even ranking 5/10, how I can be "more popular than 99.38% of all LiveJournal users"! Oddly enough, the median rankng is 1.25/10 ... so I guess there are one hell of a lot of journals out there which don't show up on anybody's Friends List!

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