BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

It's my anniversary, I think ...

If I'm not mistaken, I moved in to this building on April 4th, 1981 ... meaning that this marks my 25th year of living here (10 years in my old 1-bedroom, 15 years up here with The Wife). The reason I have "iffy" recall is that the renter who had been in the 1-bedroom had not quite gotten their shit together to finish moving out, and that pushed my move-in date back a few from the start of the month. Also, as I was just moving from my Mom's place down the street, I "moved in" over the course of a month or so as I dragged my stuff over and bought various bits and pieces of furniture.

Stuff that I still have from then ... some glass plates and bowls ... my bed (a king-sized platform bed with under-bed storage drawers), which was delivered in the first few days ... probably a couple of these bookshelves in here (which is why I'm having to do some patching on them!) ... one lamp ... and a couple of pieces that had been in my Mom's place that had come from our old house. Oh, and my record cabinets ... the records have since been moved onto the bottom shelves of bookcases, but the four record cabinets are now "toy cabinets" in The Girls' rooms (they conveniently were exactly the height of the bottoms of the windows here, so work very well in assorted manifestations).

I don't think we're doing anything to mark the occasion ... but I had been wondering (especially how grim things have been financially over the past several years) if I was going to make the "quarter century mark" here!

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