BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

More Network Solutions ...

OK, so I've been on the web for a long time, and I have a LOT of ID/PW combinations accumulated over the years. In fact, I have seven different "identities" in the Network Solutions system ... each of which (of course) has a different password.

This was an issue because I got an e-mail this morning from telling me that they had not been able to make the transfer because my domain was "locked" over at NS. When I got back from my morning applications run, I decided that I should probably get onto this (since my current registration expires on 4/10, and it appears that you can't transfer an expired registration). I called up their support line, and actually got a live body at the end of a relatively short phone menu. I had noted that I had been trying to transfer the registration was was a bit miffed about the "deactivation notice" that I'd gotten within 10 minutes of initiating the transfer. The gal assured me that the timing was purely coincidental, and that was their standard "this thing dies in a week" notice ... although I'm not sure that I believe her!

Anyway, I needed to get into one of those seven accounts to re-set the "lock" from their default "on" to "off". Naturally enough, I had NO record on that particular ID/PW combination, and although I had (fortunately) updated my info so that my current e-mail was in the record, the old Eschaton phone number (years gone) was the official back-up contact. This was an issue because for some reason the e-mails with the secure PW-update link in them were just not getting through to my mailbox. The gal had gone to her manager to see if they could substitue a call on my fax line (still active), but fortunately the three e-mails she'd sent came in before it had to go that far.

Admittedly, she did try to convince me to stay with Network Solutions (even offering to let me renew for $15 instead of $35!) but at that point I just wanted out. I've gotten the confirmation on the change, and have alerted about the thing being fixed, so I'm hoping that this will be moved and good to go well before the 10th.

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