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LibraryThing stuff ...

Wow ... I just noticed that I'm near the top of the list (#10) of number of distinct tags (a new data set in the "Zeitgeist" area) on LibraryThing! I guess that should not be surprising, as the only tags that I really use reflect the location of a book in my library, so every book has a unique tag. It is interesting to see what's used by those above me on the list ... some have their CDs logged in with individual song titles as tags, some have their Videos logged in with all the major cast names as tags, one seems to have added the name of anybody quoted in a book, and the rest just seem "tag happy", apparently having wandered through their books digging up random words to add to the tag field!

They also just updated the "obscurity" rating, which now shows the Median and the Mean of one's library's "obscurity". The lower figure indicates higher obscurity, as it reflects the number of other L.T. users who have a particular book in their library. I come in at 3/30 ... so if you total up all my books' "shared by" figures and divide by the total number of books in my library (currently 1,590), you get 30 ... but the middle number in that series of figures is only 3 ... which is pretty obscure (although I have seen things like 1/14 out there). The problem with this method is that your "mean" will be strongly effected by including popular books ... the top six books on L.T. are the six Harry Potter books, for example ... were I to add a Harry Potter book to my library, I'm pretty sure that my "mean" obscurity number would rise as each of those carry a user base of over 2,000 (which would act like adding a new user to every single book in my library)! I had argued for an obscurity rating where a book that only you had would count as 1.0 and a book that you shared with one other person would count as 0.5 ... so that Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince would only count for 0.000375798! Using this system, you could total up the scores, divide by the number of books, and see who was closer to 1! Oh, well. I'm sure that if I "edited out" my Tolkien and Douglas Adams books my "mean obscurity" would drop by 10 points!

I'm still hanging on in the top 100 "most prolific reviewers", currently tied for #99 ... as I've bitched before, I'm up against folks who put in "sentence fragments" and have them count as reviews ... which is VERY frustrating!

I wish they'd expand the list of "largest libraries", currently #100 has 2,010 books, which puts it 420 over my current count. However, I only include books that I've READ, and filed ... so my "to be read" shelves aren't in there, nor are random boxes of spill-over "to be read" books (or, for that matter, my sizable CD/record collection). I'm guessing that If I plowed through all the available books I'd be just cracking that list. This, too, frustrates the hell out of me.

Figured y'all were aching to know (yeah, right).

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