BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Gee ... heard some good news this morning ... that's a rarity!

The Wife called up her sister for a chat after the egg-hunting/candy-trading was done and we got the word that her middle nephew (the one whose wedding we flew out to Hilton Head for last fall) and his wife are expecting! We had figrued that they were going to be trying right away (while his dad's still around ... my Brother-in-law has been very ill for a long time), and she's due right around our #1's birthday.

Of course, The Wife is thrilled, not only for the news, but it means that she can now send off all the stuff that we got (baby chairs and tables, and some "heirloom" outfits) that were handed down from her grandfather (who liked making furniture). I'm embarassed that she threw out things like the toddler-sized (but otherwise fully padded/upholstered) rocking chair (which really only needed some minor work), but I was able to "save" most of the rest of it from her trash-rages over the past few years.

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