BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

another day, another bunch of applications ...

Well, yesterday was not the SNAFU-fest that Monday was, but it wasn't much more productive.

I first went down to an Italian place on the other side fo the River ... I'd been somewhat excited about this as I knew the owners of the restaurant (they have several units) from "back in the day", and thought that might have had some weight in the hiring decision. I got there and had to wait a long time (somebody had to print up an application, as they were out of them in their file), finally got the application, got it filled, out, and by the time I was done a manager had shown up who cheerfully informed me that they were not currently hiring (despite whatever info the placement office of the bartending school had indicated). Great.

I then hopped the El and ran down to the South Loop to apply at a Blues Club. They were officially "hiring for all positions", but I did not get a hopeful vibe there. Since this was about a block and a half away from the school, I popped in to say "hi" ... although my instructor was already gone for the day, I left a note.

From there I grabbed the El again and ran up to the Churrascaria that I'd been trying to apply at for the past month. This time (three's a charm?) there were people there who could provide me with an application, and so I at least got that on file.

I also called another Boat-tour place (that sails from Burnham Harbor), and left a message about how I might apply ... I have no problem getting to the boat but it looks like their office is somewhere down on the south side, and I have no clue how to get there. I'm hoping I can apply via fax to that, but nobody has gotten back to me yet.

And, of course, the phone sits silent.

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