BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Wow ... the Parking Gods smiled!

Friday night ... rental car ... and finding a parking spot on the very first turn ... as the credit card commercial would have it: "Priceless"!

Especially considering what a nice night it is and that every restaurant down here is in full sidewalk-cafe mode ... which means there are a bazillion valets running around with suburbanites' SUVs looking for the elusive parking spots.

We'd gotten a rental car for a workshop The Wife is going to on Sunday, but are using it for running various errands today and tomorrow as well ... tonight it was taking The Girls up to Dojo (their Friday night class is a hard-sell with them as they're tired and cranky and don't really want to do an hour on the El up there), and we were coming back downtown. We got off LSD at North, took the Inner Drive down to Bellevue, turned south on State, west on Oak, south on Dearborn, and, just as we were turning west on Walton, I saw a lady getting into her car at a meter. I had to negotiate lanes with a cab (who wasn't "getting" that I wanted him to just go), but got into position before anybody else could.

This is exciting because given the nice weather, it being a Friday night, etc., I had anticipated having to either drive around for over an hour to find a space or to stick it in a lot up in the park and take a bus home. Hitting a spot like that feels like finding a twenty dollar bill on the street!

Daughter #2 and I took advantage of having to go to a to-hell-and-gone rental place this morning (to get one participating in the weekend special ... we're paying what we'd usually shell out for 1 day for a 3-day rental) and went up to Buffet Castle (the Chinese buffet place I found a month or two back) for lunch. I'm still stuffed from that, so when #1 suggested McDonalds for dinner, I was all over that, being able to easily just have a large coffee (OK, and a $1 caramel sundae).

I had hoped to have been able to hit a couple of place this afternoon from the list I got from the Placement Office yesterday evening, but The Wife made a good case for my taking The Girls up to Dojo (although it was not without tears and protestations), so I guess the job quest (with the exception of web-based applications) is on hold until Monday.

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