BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

First of all ...

I got a lot of stuff to post about tonight, but I figured I'd start off by kicking myself around a bit.

As I noted a few weeks back, I went out and got a big new CD rack to try to condense the creeping mass of CDs in my office (I had a half dozen smaller racks all over the place). Well, yesterday I finally tackled the build-and-fill project for the new big rack. And, what did I discover?

Well, I found out that 2 out of the most recent 5 CDs I've ordered, I already had. Dammit.

I'm still waiting for one from Amazon ... I wonder if they would retroactively charge me for shipping (as I got the free shipping on the order) if I sent it back? I mean, I knew that I had Mutter and Sehnsucht but I totally forgot that I'd picked up Herzeleid at some point ... Amazon had a good deal on it in a combo deal with Reise, Reise, and I figured I was filling two holes in my Rammstein collection. (sigh) I guess between the free shipping and the combo discount I'd probably not be happy with them if I tried to return it.

Anybody need a copy of Rammstein's Herzeleid?

I was also looking to complete my collection of ana's music, and had totaly spaced that I'd previously bought Spool Forka Dish by her previous band, "The Blue Up?". Admittedly, I'm not out much on this (there are LOTS of copies for as little as 1¢ in Amazon's new/used area ... GO GET ONE! ... it's a superb album), but it bugs me that I forgot that I had it!

At least it was Spool Forka Dish that I got screwed up on ... I also snagged a copy of the much-harder-to-find "Cake and Eat It" on eBay, and that wasn't going for a penny, let me tell you.

I am now rather eager for LibraryThing to get "MusicThing" up and running, as in the course of filing several hundred CDs, I found perhaps a half a dozen that I didn't recall having and had seriously considered buying recently! It will be great to be able to check before pulling the trigger on any new music purchases (aside from the coolness of having my 1,000+ vinyl collection finally cataloged).

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