BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

OK ... let's get this out of the way ...

This one's been bugging me since I heard about it ... Coke, with Coffee ... fizzy coffee ... cold espresso ... what?

I, frankly, had read several very dismissive reviews about the new Coca-Cola Blak ... saying that it was too sweet, to wishy-washy, too this, too that, too little the other thing. However, then I read an_ocean_of_sky's rave on it, and I figured I had to try some.

The verdict ... it's OK. I have "issues", however, with these dinky little 8oz bottles going for two bucks ... heck, I feel like I'm getting cheated if I'm having to pay more than a quarter for a can of brand-name soda ... so I'm only considering getting a supply in of this stuff while my local grocer still has it for 10/$10.00

Honestly, I'm not looking for a new drink, I'm looking for an efficient stimulant delivery system, and it bugs me that all these "energy" drinks leave out the data about their caffeine content ... since I can get generic caffeine for 10¢ per 200mg, I want to feel like I'm getting something for the other $1.90 (which is why I like the ones that come in the big 20oz cans for the same price ... like "Lost" when I can find it at Walgreens).

Again, as far as "Blak" is concerned, I'd drink it if it were offered to me, but I can't see me seeking it out at its price point. It certainly tasted a lot better than I'd expected, but wasn't something that I couldn't live without.

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