BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

(sigh) ... more on the job search

As my 7th week of the Bartending job search nears its close, I am no more likely to be employed than I was on graduation from bartending school. Which is very depressing.

This week started off with going through the application process at two area places, either of which I would be happy with. Unfortunately, I got real dismissive vibes at both. The first, part of a local restaurant chain, had a manager who got very specific about "just need to hire one bartender" and wanting somebody he felt "fit his team", given that he wasn't even making a gesture to take my resume with the application paperwork (I had to hand it to him separately), I figured that meant "Buddy, you ain't what I want on my team". The second place is a very "trendy" bar in a top-end hotel and the manager I handed my application to had this look on his face like I was in clown makeup or something, telling me "oh, we're just building a file" ... yeah, sure.

Tuesday wasn't quite as bad, as a major hotel at least had a HR person who was informative, telling me that the app would go to the Beverage Manager (usually the HR folks have been of the "grab & grunt" sort) who would then review it. THIS is what I have for "hopeful" these days! The afternoon sucked, though, as the places I went to (schedualling accoding to the info from the school's placement office) weren't open at the hours I got there (and, come on, getting to a restaurant that my info said would take apps "after 4pm" at 4:20pm when they open at 5:00pm should not be too early to see anybody, dammit!).

Yesterday, due to some scheduling issues with The Girls, I stayed in and got some apps done on-line both for places that aren't open yet and some hotels that didn't require you to show up in person (although that damn Hyatt form would only let me select ONE job category).

Today is my "running around town" day ... I have one place down in the Loop to hit and one at like Lincoln & Belmont up north. Between getting there and filling out the paperwork this should take up most of the day. I have one more thing on my current list, but they also a bit of a run (and don't see anybody before 5), and I've got more "family stuff" to deal wtih tonight, so that will have to slide till tomorrow.

I am beginning to feel very nervous and depressed and on the verge of a real ugly freak-out over how this is going. Not good. Not good.

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