BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Would you believe ... a POEM?

OK, I'm shocked.

I haven't written anything in ages ... I mean, I was writing some back when I was at Chubb (in 2002) and having a "schedule" (I tend to write most when I have predictable "slots" in the day to fill), but it dwindled down to nothing over the past few years. Frankly, I don't have a clue when the last time I spit out a poem was.

Unfortunately, once again, even years later, I seem to be "writing the same poem" ... the same emotional range, the same pallate of words, the same damned sense of total doom. Unfortunately, today I just "had to write", it seems like something "snapped" in me last niight (I had quite a panic over our financial outlook), and suddenly I'm "back in touch" with the part of me that feels nothing but impending catastrophe.

So, for your reading enjoyment ...

                    OUR EYES, NO REPRIEVE

                    the abyss
                    we have
                    no ground
                    all things
                    our sight
                    how awakens
                    this need?
                    what has broken
                    to allow,
                    to demand,
                    the vision,
                    the eyes of death,
                    panic looms
                    dread enfolds
                    all lines spiral
                    towards the dark
                    I can not grasp
                    any form
                    all in nightmare
                    all insane
                    falling currents
                    drag us down,
                    dimensions dwindle
                    to a point,
                    crushed to anguish
                    to despair
                    to hopelessness
                    and utter loss
                    of the soul,
                    full debasing
                    of the self;
                    we are damned,
                    cast to the pit,
                    locked in worlds
                    of dire dismay

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2006 by Brendan Tripp

Oh, yeah ... wasn't that fun.

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Tags: poetry
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