BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

(sigh) Why do I bother. Nobody fucking cares what sort of SHIT is happening in my day ... I'm pretty damn sure that nobody even reads the poems here. I just downloaded a program that should finally let me get the "reading" files done, though ... not that anybody is likely to bother to listen to them either. Lost the battle with Daughter #1 today on going to her Dojo class ... ended up going swimming instead. If I get this job (the interview is on Thursday), I don't know how we'll get her to those classes anyway, since I'll be working almost out by O'Hare. Of course, if I'm out there she's not likely to get to go swimming either, since lord knows her mother won't go into the pool. Heh. Welcome to the world of the DAMNED, my darling. Your daddy's life is a big pile of shit, and there doesn't seem to be anything he can do to make yours any better. I suck. I really really really should just step in front of the fucking El.

                    TAUNTED IN THIS HELL

                    perceptions falter here
                    they snap and skew
                    as we battle with the world
                    we know exactly what we need
                    but can see no pathway there
                    no way to attain
                    that which we so wish for
                    that for which we ache

                    so simple, so plain
                    this is not complicated
                    just anathema to the world
                    the evil, twisted,
                    demonic, mundane world
                    whose scars we bear
                    and whose chains
                    yet weigh us down

                    the dividing line between
                    this hell we suffer
                    and that heaven which we dream
                    is so narrow
                    so one dimensional
                    it is not a chasm apart
                    just a flip of a coin away
                    yet always denied

                    we are exiled from paradise
                    damned to never tasting
                    the joys that we perceive
                    just across that veil
                    because the world despises
                    that which it can't consume
                    and we were born too strange
                    and spit out in disgust

                    in moments we still touch
                    that beautiful state we crave
                    yet knowing it's just THERE
                    makes us hate this world the more
                    and swear ourselves to its destruction
                    for if we can not have the dream
                    we shall harry the nightmare
                    and be a demon among the damned

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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