BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Busy, busy, busy ...

The Girls and I had dinner last night with my cousin who was in from Seattle to attend some conference. We typically see each other only every 2-5 years (the last couple of times were at his daughter's wedding and my Mom's funeral), so there is some distance. As I recall correctly, I'm right inbetween his and his daughter's age, so if she's 38 (as he reported to my Girls), that means that he's about 58 at this point. He did bring the good news that she just got tenure up at Carleton University in Canada ... so I'm guessing she's going to staying up in Ottawa for the foreseeable future.

While I am still running around filing applications for bartending positions (and a few I.T. ones that have floated past me on the web), I was officially "hired" by this catering group on Wednesday. Unfortunately, they can't promise me more than two or three actual bartending gigs a month, so this would primarily be "serving" at events, although I suspect the hiring manager is looking at bumping me up to a "captain" gig once I get the basics down (he mentioned how he went from busser to server to captain during his first week there). I actually had to take a pass on two things this weekend ... since I discovered that my tuxedo (which I'd not worn since 1998) was in need of replacement, so that's my top-of-the-list project (and trust me, it's not easy to find a size 54 tux jacket). I really hate the idea of doing waiter stuff, but this group has great contacts with all the major hotels, so it might be the "back door" into one of those gigs (which would have stuff like health insurance, which this doesn't), which would in turn be a "back door" into doing something more in line with my actual resume (dammit).

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