BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

What a day ...

The good news is that I managed to get most of my tux pulled together ... I drove down Western from Belmont to 47th street to get to the Value City down there which I'd been told was likely to be my best bet for a tux in my size, and yes indeed, I was able to get a tux jacket for $60 and tux pants for $40, not bad. Unfortunately, they didn't have any vests or cumberbunds. They did have name-brand tux shirts (with ties) for a mere $15 ... unfortunately, maxxing out in a collar size that was about 1" tighter than I prefer to wear, but I couldn't pass up that deal (I ended up finding some "collar extenders" elsewhere). I tried a few other places (like the big/tall shop up near The Girls dojo tonight) but am still in need of the vest. Worse comes to worst, I can get it at a regular "formalwear" shop, I guess.

Once again I got an amazing deal on the car rental ... went out to Cicero & Belmont to get the "weekend deal" (at a measly $13.29/day), reserving a "compact" car ... they were all out of regular cars, so put me in this huge Ford SUV, which is like a 4-class upgrade (yeah, which sucks gas). Good thing it's "comfy", since I spend most of the day driving. I ended up going round-about ways because the main north-south highway through town, 90/94, is all screwed up with construction south of downtown, which is why I took Western 80 blocks south. Actually, I made OK time, the map thing estimated (with the expressway) 27 minutes down there and it ended up taking me about 35 or so. I then took 47th all the way east to the lake and picked up Lake Shore Drive there to get back to civilization.

I got home about 2:15, so was able to run upstairs (dropping the tux stuff and picking up the dojo stuff) before heading off to pick up Daughter #2 right after her nap at 3:00 ... we actually found a decent parking spot, so ran her stuff up to the apartment let her say hi to The Wife, and grabbed Daughter #1 at 3:30, and going right back to the car to head to Dojo.

Tomorrow we have a birthday party in the north suburbs (the main reason we have the car), so I'm hoping that I'll be able to hit something with tux accessories along the way. Yeah, I know ... you're wetting your pants with excitement over my shopping expeditions, right?

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