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I do not understand how people can stand the suburbs. Today was "take The Girls to a birthday party" day (again), only this time it was up in Glenview, which is one of those suburbs that makes me think of Harlan Ellison's A Boy and His Dog ... everything was tidy, and clean, and sterile. And, of course, one side of the trip (in this case, the one coming back to civilization) was bumper-to-bumper most of the way. How do people DO that commuting thing??? To invert the John Denver lyric: thank the Gods I'm a City boy!

It was another busy one today ... I went with Daughter #2 to her soccer class at the YMCA while The Wife took Daugher #1 to a thing her Choir group was doing this morning. We then dropped The Wife at an appointment she had on the northwest side, and headed up to the 'burbs. The party started at 1:30, so I figured we'd grab a bite on the way, but amazingly the road we were supposed to take from the interstate didn't have any restaurants on it. When we'd gotten almost to the party location, we pulled into a strip mall that had a little Thai place and ate there (the food was only so-so, yet more expensive than downtown) since The Girls like Thai and it sounded better than getting sandwiches at a grocery store to eat in the car. I don't think I could live in the suburbs.

I guess The Powers That Be decided that I'd suffered enough on the drive back downtown, as we lucked into a primo parking space (especially considering Enterprise put us in a monster SUV) after only about 15 minutes of driving around. It not only was one I could pull right into, but it had only a 6pm meter, and was a half-hour per quarter (rather than a 9pm meter at 15 minutes per quarter, like most of them around here). Given that it is a beautiful day out there, and is coming up on Saturday night, I fully expected to have a LONG time of fruitless searching to get a spot, but these folks were just leaving the space when we were coming up on turning south on Clark from Walton, so I was able to pull up to the curb and slide right in when they pulled out!

Still no vest or cumberbund (I know you were worrying about that) but I identified a place to get them tomorrow. My brother had given me a gift certificate to a "big & tall" place a couple of years back, but their prices were so horrific that I never felt like "going shopping" with it, and I figured that this would let me "kill two birds with one stone", using up that while getting the acessories that I need.

I bet you wish I'd start up some political rants or something to get off this mundane crap, right? Don't worry ... I just ordered a "like new" used copy of Ann Coulter's How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must) from Amazon, which I'm sure will have me sharing the brilliance with y'all once I get into it!

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