BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

woot ...

That most recent book finally pushed my LibraryThing catalog up to 1,600 books. I would have been there a long time back, but balked at trying to get a couple of "difficult" shelves logged in (like some of my old Religion Major reference stuff). As L.T. has been adding more and more libraries to their database, I may take another stab at that stuff one of these days (I knew it was going to be pretty useless trying to go through the default Amazon data), but I'm glad to finally have rolled those numbers over. As I've noted, if I were "the type" (yes, there has been some snipping and some flaming going on over in the L.T. Google Group) that logs in all their un-read books, my L.T. catalog would likely be over 2,000 at this point, but I just can't see adding stuff that I haven't actually read (and don't get me started about the folks over there who randomly add books to their catalog that they saw in somebody else's catalog, found interesting, and added to theirs despite neither owning them or having read them!).

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