BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Bad TV ...

I really don't watch much TV ... Stargate, BSG, Dr. Who, occasional CSI and Law & Order, and poker when there's nothing else ... and every once in a while I'm starkly reminded why I don't watch more.

Tonight I was flipping between a few shows, hoping that something would be interesting enough to kill an hour or so, and I tried to watch this movie on the SciFi channel. Now, I know to avoid SciFi on Saturday nights like the plague, because the crap they show is SO bad, but this A.I. Assault looked like it might have some promise, featuring a number of assorted Star Trek shows' alumni. In the opening scene, an army guy must have fired fifty rounds (maybe more) from a handgun without reloading (before getting himself decapitated), which should have given me all the data I needed about the plausibility level of the show (note to government scientists on top secret self-actuating weapons programs: don't make it so easy for the killer robots to come to life the next time ... these must have been on a mercury switch or something since they were activated by bad turbulence on the the 747 that Sulu was piloting). I mean, it's bad enough that the guy is trying to take down giant killer robots with a handgun from the back of a speeding pick-up truck, but the "magic unlimited bullet supply" is just insulting to the audience. Bleh.

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