BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh, look, a poem again ...

It's almost quaint when I generate a poem anymore. I mean, "back in the day" I wrote 250 a year (20+ a month), but then walked away when I found that I was "writing the same damn poem" over and over. After a couple of years I started writing again in 2002, but that faded out, and I think I may have only written a half a dozen poems since 2004. Which does make me notice when I get "the urge".

Unfortunately, the poem hasn't changed, only the date, perhaps the title, and how the words are shuffled.


                    INTO ENDLESS DESCENT

                    unbreaking dark
                    and crushing mass
                    weighing down
                    upon the heart
                    we can not feel
                    anything but agony
                    we can not sense
                    anything but doom

                    delusional hope
                    melts away
                    all the patterns
                    of that belief
                    stand naked now
                    all a sham
                    a cruel game teasing
                    with non-existent light

                    the mind is battered
                    beaten to despair
                    by every failure
                    every plan
                    destroyed by fate
                    and every dream
                    snatched from our grasp
                    amid hateful laughs

                    driven down
                    without reprieve
                    into dullness, shadow,
                    illness and a pain
                    which has no answer
                    not even death would free
                    from this damnation
                    so woven into life

                    swept by gravities
                    into endless descent
                    I see no options
                    no other paths
                    than obliteration,
                    anguish and loss,
                    the dragging course
                    of this vile curse

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2006 by Brendan Tripp

Hey, aren't you lucky to be getting these hot off my angsty soul?

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Tags: poetry
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