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I don't get it. I called in on Friday to see if there was any work with the catering group. They asked if I could be available on Mothers Day. I said yes. We basically put the whole fucking weekend on hold in case I got called, and nothing (and I tried calling in twice on Saturday morning to check, plus e-mailing them, with no response, Saturday night)..

I am not adjusting well to this "call us to tell us you're available" thing ... basically, it means that I am unable to do anything else with my day other than sit and wait for them to say they need me. If they were paying me an executive wage, I might be able to live with this crap, but it's pretty damn hard to justify at $10/hr (or even at $23/hr if they were actually to use me as a bartender).

I just wish I had other options. This "standing around hat-in-hand" waiting for a bread crust isn't going to cut it for long. I only took this catering gig because they indicated it was a way to get "in" on other gigs, and I was rather expecting that they'd actually use once they "hired" me. Just my fucking luck ... I can't get a "real" bartending job, so I "settle" for a catering position (and spend a chunk of change to get set up with a tuxedo, etc.), and they don't even put me on the damn schedule.

How fucking far do I have to fall? How humiliating is this going to get? How much do I have to LOSE before the fucking Universe thinks I've suffered enough? I swear, I'm at the point where I think I'm going to snap, and that sure as Hell ain't going to be pretty when it happens!

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