BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Job Interview Tomorrow ...

Well ... it's here. Tomorrow morning I have to get up early, get my self looking all corporate and respectable in suit and tie and all, then take the subway pretty damn near out to O'Hare for a JOB INTERVIEW at 10:00. I am fucking PETRIFIED.

Spent most of the day yesterday and today doing last minute coaching with the Career Counsellor ... typing up answers to "blank stare" sorts of questions and rehearsing a 1-2 minute "tell us about yourself" answer. The C.C. thinks I'll do great. I'm a nervous wreck. Actually, I probably wouldn't have been able to get any of this done if it wasn't for Calmplex•2000® ... which is a homeopathic remedy from RSI that I don't use very often (due to being constantly in a state of sleep-dep, I don't need anything that will encourage sleep), but it is BRILLIANT for calming me down. I will definately need at least one of these in the morning!

One pretty good thing happened today. It wasn't "all good" since it was an e-mail telling me that another group that was looking at my resume had filled their position with somebody who would be able to "hit the ground running" in that job, but also telling me that they were quite impressed with my resume and they might well have another position (due to rapid expansion in their company) in the near future. So, even if tomorrow goes badly, I have a good "maybe" to emotionally fall back on.

I just hope that tomorrow goes well. It's not a "dream job" by any stretch, but it's a "good fit" for me and the dollars are almost where we need to have them (it's still likely to pay just over half what I was earning in 1993, but after 8 years of ZERO income, I can't hardly bitch about something which at least comes near what I would be looking for), especially when The Wife starts bringing in some $$$ with her new thing.

Anyway, if anybody can spare some white light, strange voodoo, prayer, etc. for me to get offered this position tomorrow (at the high end of the salary range!), I'd be much obliged at you sending it my way!

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