BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

yawwwwn ...

Well, that catering company that I got signed up with finally came up with some assignments. I have to be in my tux and out the door by 6am tomorrow, to work a function (what kind, I don't know) that goes from 6:45am to 3pm! This will be doing "service" and not bartending, unfortunately, but at least it's something and the assignment guy pointed out that this event (whatever the heck it is) is "quite prestigious". Oh, goody.

Friday night will be my First Ever Professional Bartending Gig. And am I ever getting "thrown into the deep end". It will be at a private party for some Very Important People at their company's World Headquarters. Again, I think I'm getting assigned to this because I am uber presentable ... but I'm scared to death that I won't be able to remember how to make a Soctch & Soda, let alone a Cosmopolitan or anything more obscure! I spent a chunk of this afternoon with my nose buried in my Drink Book, and will probably be up all tomorrow evening studying recipes.

I still am in search of "a regular job" out there (I was running around filling out 2 apps today, 2 yesterday, and 4 on Monday) but I sort of wish my "first gig" was something a bit less intimidating ... however, the guy at the catering group considers this his "crown jewel" account, so I don't think he'd be risking it if he didn't think I was up to handling it. I hope.

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