BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

FEET ... hurt

Well, the Big Fancy Party went fine ... as I'd been led to believe, I was 90% pouring wine. Made a few cocktails, though. Dunno if I got tipped, this was not a "tip jar" situation. It was a Very Weathy Patron of the Arts hosting a party for various Museum People, Arts People, and, I'm guessing, Artists ... which I suppose is a lot more pleasant than throwing together gin & tonics for conventioneers. The food was fabulous and we got to hit the leftovers (with permission, of course) while cleaning up afterwards.

My feet, however, are not happy campers at the moment!

I also got two more gigs for the weekend ... doing bartending at a hotel that I applied at last week on both Saturday and Sunday evenings! Dunno the details on that, but it's just down the street so it's an easy shot (I can take the bus instead of blowing $8 each ways on cabs like I had to do tonight).

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