BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

And then, there's this ...

One thing that's come out of these past few days is that I have somehow managed to notch out some time for writing. I anticipate that I'll get one done on the way back from the interview as well. If things go well and they hire me, it will mean that I will have a LOT of subway time in my schedule ... since it's the better part of an hour out there from here (I have to go downtown and change trains or do a bus-and-train combo to get out there). Oh, joy, a hidden benefit. I need to go to bed. Tomorrow's almost here.

                    SO SUDDENLY THE GATE

                    sudden chasms
                    deep ravines
                    we encounter edges
                    the precipice yawning
                    out below
                    the path leads here
                    dissolving there
                    in endless falling

                    these days idle
                    so unprepared
                    no intent drives
                    any action
                    no meaning makes
                    a purpose at the end
                    while hours drag
                    and fill with useless tasks

                    so much dread
                    so many deep unknowns
                    we steer here blindly
                    denied the stars
                    and the landmarks
                    of the world we know
                    always fearing
                    what waits with dawn

                    standing in between
                    the forces of destruction
                    the tide of blind tomorrows
                    and the weight
                    of all these wasted years
                    we can not see
                    what shape is forming
                    what power would appear

                    too little this
                    too much of that
                    things not fitting
                    to the moment
                    these clocks roll down
                    to sudden times
                    we can but walk
                    with inner balance

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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