BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Bar gig ...

Last night (and again tonight) I had an assignment to do a 4.5-hour shift bartending at a hotel. Amusingly (or, perhaps, depressingly), this was for exactly the job I'd applied for at that hotel a week ago ... amusingly in that I was getting paid an hourly rate by the catering group about 3x what the actual bartenders in that job make, depressingly in that I might actually get offered that gig. It turns out that one bartender had given their 2-week notice a while back (thus generating the call to the Bartending School's placement office), but then the manager had "had to terminate" another bartender there and was finding that she was having to fill in. I guess for the weekend she decided it was going to work better to get a temp (me) in there.

This was my first time actually getting tips, which just seemed bizzare to me. How do you keep track of cash? I've lived off of plastic for so long, it's typical that I might have less than $10 on my person at any time. As I understand it, most people severely under-report their tip income on their taxes ... how can they make an accurate assessment of what they're making without keeping two sets of books? Obviously, if one's keeping a "real" talley and then reporting an "edited" talley, one is committing tax fraud ... yet this appears to be Standard Operating Procedure. This stuff is all very confusing to me, yet I am having a hard time thinking about how to raise the subject with our accountant.

Oh, well ... back to the same gig tonight. Most of next week I've blocked off for doing stuff with the Tutoring biz (our "spring contact" push with the schools), but I guess I could be doing evening gigs.

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