BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Job stuff ...

Well, aside from the gigs from the catering company, I have had a call back (a first!) from one of the cruise boats ... they are wanting me to come in to interview, one of about five folks that they're looking to for "backup" positions beyond their regular crew. I don't know if this is exactly the direction I want to go (the placement office did come up with a number of hotel gigs for me to apply to this weel), but it is nice to finally get a call-back on an application.

I ended up having to take a pass on a bartending gig on Monday, because I'd already rented the car for The Wife and I to run around town with our stuff for the schools. We're about 2/3rds done with that (well, not quite ... we'd be farther along, but she just plain refused to do any more stops both afternoons, which means that we'll be having to really press tomorrow {today} to get finished up), but things have not been smooth because she's gotten bitchy about this place or that place and hasn't wanted to stay on a logical schedule.

There was one upside to our "quitting early" both Monday and Tuesday, we ended up getting parking spots right next to the building! They're doing street cleaning or something tomorrow, so I'll need to move it by 8am, though. Tomorrow is also Daughter #2's "graduation" from Kindergarten. This will be a bit bittersweet in that both girls have gone to this preschool, so we've been there for 8 years between them, and this is the end of the road there, which is sort of sad in a "passing into a new phase" sort of way. It also means that we'll no longer be paying a HUGE chunk of change for tuition, which will certainly help until we can figure out some way to get our financial situation stabilized.

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