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I am half proud, half bemused that I am so totally removed from the "Reality TV world" that I have no point of reference when folks on my FL make excited posts about these shows. Tonight one of my good on-line friends posted a message that was pretty much just a name with an exclamation point, as though that would be all that would have to be said on the subject. As the name in question did not ring any bells for me as far as "ongoing events in her life", I am assuming that the named person was the last one standing from some "Reality TV" show.

It pleases me that I neither know anything about the named person nor have any clue about what show it was on which they just won. Essentially, the less one knows about "Reality TV" the more likely that one is actually interfacing with reality rather than TV. As I feel very guilty about time wasted watching TV, my total ignorance about these sorts of things makes me think I'm doing a pretty good job at focusing on the "real" and not the fake crap that TV feeds us to keep us all "asleep" (in the Gurdjieffian sense).

After all, the more people focus their attention on TV the less they'll think about what's really happening in the world, and the less they think, the easier it is for the MSM to feed them whatever lies prove useful.

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