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OK, so I need to make this short and sweet, after all, in just the process of booting Windows, firing up AOL on a dial-up connection, and getting logged in on LJ my laptop's battery has gone from 94% down to 67%, so I certainly don't have time to try to catch up on my Friends List or anything ... oops, make that 66%!

So, you thought I went away for the weekend or something? Nope. OUR BUILDING HAS BEEN WITHOUT POWER SINCE SUNDAY AFTERNOON. Which means that I, Mr. Internet Addict, have been OFF LINE for well over 24 hours at this point. In fact, the earliest we're likely to have any juice is tomorrow morning ... and that's a "maybe". Shit ...63%!

I had bartending gigs on both Friday and Saturday nights (the same place as last weekend's hotel gigs), and spent Sunday mid-day off getting interviewed for another part-time gig (bartending on a cruise boat). When I got done with that (and picking up a book at the library for Daughter #1, so she could get her homework assignments done despite "forgetting" her copy of the book at school on Friday!), I met up with the family and we headed out to a movie (Over The Hedge, you may eventually see a review here). When we left the house 4:30-ish everything was fine, but when we got back ... chaos. (speaking of which ... down to 58% on the battery)

It did not help, needless to say, that the weekend has been stinking hot ... which is part of what seems to have caused the power problem ... and we've been having to live without A/C. We spent much of the morning today getting coolers and ice to try to save some of the stuff from the freezer and fridge ... I'm hoping that power will be back tomorrow so I don't have to run out to re-fill with another six bags of ice!

I'm likely to be boring the shit out of you all over the next few days (like that's big news), since being unable to "do" anything has led me to a lot of reading, finishing up two books, plus the search for A/C (and amusement for the kids) has put me in front of more than my habitual number of movie screens. I know how much y'all cherish my reviews, it's touching, really. (50% and falling on the battery life here)

Speaking of batteries ... had to run out and lay in a supply of various flashlights and battery-operated lamps. Was disappointed in the latter as regular "heavy duty" AA's died within about an hour in those. We'll see how they do on alkalines tonight. The Wife dug into my post-9/11 supply kit last night and put out all those tall several-day candles (which look just like the ones you can get at the grocery store, only without the Virgin of Guadalupe on 'em).

I'm glad I'd charged the battery pack for my portable DVD player, and that it had kept a charge for a long time (I was going to take that on our last trip, but didn't), since it kept The Girls from killing each other at bedtime tonight (I'm assuming that it made it through the Pokemon Heroes disc they picked).

Well, I'm blithering at this point and am down to 43% battery ... I just wanted to get on-line and let folks know that I've not fallen off the face of the planet, but have been living in less-than current-century conditions for the past couple of days!

Here's hoping we have electricity again tomorrow!

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